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SAO’s Overfly by Haruna Luna

Hey there Sword Art Online fans!  We have another karaoke release.  It’s been a long time since our last one so we hope you enjoy this.

The song is Overfly by Haruna Luna and it’s the 2nd ending to the anime Sword Art Online.


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All about the Nichijou!

It’s all about that Nichijou!

Nichijou is best slice of life comedy! Ok… I can’t say THE best because there sure are a ton of them out there and everyone is opinionated… BUT it definitely goes into my top 5 or less in that particular genre.  I remember watching the first episode and going “whoa wtf lulz” and it kept me wanting more and more.  The thing that caught my eye, and ears, the most were the opening, endings, and background music.  The background music had an orchestral flair that fit well with an SOL setting and the op/ed was choreographed well.

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Going on HOLIDAY

(Originally posted summer 2012)
Summer is right around the corner!  After a couple weeks we’d all be free and readily available to relax away from the troubles of academic life.  If you’d not currently in school or college, at least take a small break from work.  Go somewhere for one weekend and plan your own little holiday.

Which brings us to the latest FUO Karaoke release of Horie Yui’s ‘HOLIDAY’.  ‘HOLIDAY’ was an extra song in the Dragon Crisis OP ‘Immortalist’ single sung also by Horie Yui.

Watch the video after the jump!
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Some Galileo Galilei with a splash of AnoHana

 Another new video! Again it’s a song from Galileo Galilei. Some might recognize them for their song Aoi Shiori, opening song for AnoHana (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shira nai). Which is why we chose such a background image for this song. 

Timing – Kerplunk
Video Stuffs – NolotaiWatch the video after the jump!
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