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Nichijou post omake!


Had some left over images that I collected for the Nichijou opening karaoke video post! Soooo I’ll just drop them in another post cause they’re pretty awesome if you’ve already seen the show.  You might even spot some Easter eggs of some other shows in them if you look carefully!
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All about the Nichijou!

It’s all about that Nichijou!

Nichijou is best slice of life comedy! Ok… I can’t say THE best because there sure are a ton of them out there and everyone is opinionated… BUT it definitely goes into my top 5 or less in that particular genre.  I remember watching the first episode and going “whoa wtf lulz” and it kept me wanting more and more.  The thing that caught my eye, and ears, the most were the opening, endings, and background music.  The background music had an orchestral flair that fit well with an SOL setting and the op/ed was choreographed well.

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Nichijou Compilation Art!

Hey guys! Sorry its been a long long while since the last post.  To make up for it I’ve collected a few art works that have a lot of Nichijou memorable scenes and some cameos from other anime!  See if you can spot all the cameos and bathe in the Nichijou nostalgia!

– Filtaku

Click here to view the other art works!

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Nichijou 11: Picture Highlights

Well a new episode of Nichijou means a new batch of pictures.  I apologize for the low picture quality of these.  By the time I noticed,  I already made a lot of snapshots…  rest assured the next group will be better.


Warning:  Some of these pictures may make absolutely no sense without watching the episode and  some may be actual spoilers.  Watch at your own risk.

Be sure to feed your land lady frequently or she'll get grumpy.

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Nichijou 10: Picture Highlights!

Instead of doing reviews that are heavy walls of text… I’m thinking about experimenting with pictures.   They say a picture is worth a thousand words!


WARNING: Some pictures and/or captions may not make sense or contain spoilers.  View at your own risk!

Green Light Red Light is SERIOUS buisness

MOAR PICTURES! after the jump