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Filtaku Wants You!

We are currently in search of staff members for Filtaku projects and content creators for the Facebook page and blog! If your interested please fill out the application form here!


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Music I’ve been fiending to that should get more attention

MoeJazz. It’s wonderful stuff if you like jazz interpretations of various anime themes. My favorite is probably their take on Secret Base 10 yr. version, but Nichijou always gets a thumbs-up from me.

Also there’s this song. I don’t usually listen to Touhou stuff, but man it just gets me going.

Lastly, some Nico Touches the Wall. THE BUNGY is one of my favorites.

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Back in the Saddle

Source: Raku Ichijou from Nisekoi

After a long, extended break (our apologies!) we’re ready to get back into the swing of things. If you’ve visited in the past couple of days you’ve probably noticed some visual changes as PJ and I spruce up the blog. More anime posts and write-ups to come along with karaoke also in the works! As always, feedback and comments are appreciated.

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Revived and rearing to go!

Clear! Clear!

Can’t tell you guys how many times this blog has been dropped and picked back up, but we’re once again trying to get back into the groove.  Maybe you could blame it on this new round of anime shows for autumn? Who knows… but we’ll have more on those shows later, hopefully.

So really… what’s new?

We just jumped on the twitter wagon, can follow us around @Filtaku .
We also have a for the media spam.

Our YouTube account/channel has been remade but not sure about re-uploading all the videos published on the banned channel.  Will have to think about other “non-infringing” things that we could upload to YouTube.  But there are a few other video hosts that we can try out, so we’ll see.

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Go on a holiday

Summer is right around the corner!  After a couple weeks we’d all be free and readily available to relax away from the troubles of academic life.  If you’d not currently in school or college, at least take a small break from work.  Go somewhere for one weekend and plan your own little holiday.

Click here to read more and watch the latest karaoke video!


Filtaku Tutorial Corner! – Merging, Extracting, and Rendering .mkv’s

I know there are a lot of other people making karaoke with aegisub and editing/rendering videos.  I’m still new in this field, but I’ll try to release some tips and tricks along the way that will help everyone out!

So, before we get to the fun stuff, there are two kinds of subs in videos, hardsubs and softsubs.

Hardsubs are rendered directly into the video.  They become part of the video and cannot be removed.  This is more commonly done with regular video editors such as Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas.

Softsubs are rendered externally by the computer software/hardware and are not part of the video itself.  When you watch a video, your computer reads a script and displays it on the screen.  Aegisub is one of the programs that makes these scripts.

Disadvantages and advantages of hard/soft subs?

Hardsubs are made by rendering the softsubs into a different video format or adding in text to a video via editor. Since a video editor is used, there are options for more advanced effects .  The rendered video can be in any video format that catches your fancy, such as .avi or .mp4 which can be played on pretty much any device or player.  The quality of the subtitles is highly dependent on the rendering quality setting and would need a very good computer to dish out quality works within a reasonably amount of time, unless you don’t mind waiting a whole day for one video.

Softsubs are cleaner on the screen since it is individually rendered by the computer.  They can be changed to suit many purposes without messing with the video itself.  The script is easy to make and much faster than using a regular video editor to add text.  However, the types of effects you can do are limited.  Softsubs are usually in a .mkv envelope that can only be played on the computer using a community friendly media player.

I mentioned before the ever popular .mkv file (Matroska Video).  Matroska video files or .mkv files are very subtitle/audio friendly envelopes.  You can pack it with video, different kinds of audio, different kinds of subtitles, and the resources necessary to display those subtitles (usually text fonts and such).  Usually a media player that is community friendly, such as Media Player Classic, can play these files and allow switching between audios and subtitles.  Just make sure you have the Combined Community Codec Pack so your guaranteed your videos play.

Throughout my experience with .mkv’s I have ran across the following issues:

How do I put stuff into a .mkv file?
How do I extract stuff out of a .mkv file?
How do I convert .mkv files to different formats so I can play it on other devices or programs?
How do I convert .mkv files to different formats while preserving subtitles, styles, and effects?

Click here to jump to the answers!

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Workin’ Hard

We’re gonna try to work hard this year to get more active.  But first we’re gonna try to get this blog more better organized with some sort of system in place for that.  We’re also going to try to make more better banners with maybe a logo unique to us, or mascot character, we’ll see.  If you’d like to submit images/banners/ideas for us to brain storm around, please shoot us a message.

You all have a great new year!
– Filtaku

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Finals are over!

Difficulties over come! Finals are FINALLY over!  For the past couple of weeks I’ve been a slave to the academics pouring over text books and downing redbulls.  But, that’s finally over!

I can now relax this winter break and work on some projects that have been put on the back burner!  Or even get this blog flowing again… who knows.

In celebration, I’ve added a few new banners to mix.

Hope everyone out there does great on their finals as well!

– Filtaku