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Music I’ve been fiending to that should get more attention

MoeJazz. It’s wonderful stuff if you like jazz interpretations of various anime themes. My favorite is probably their take on Secret Base 10 yr. version, but Nichijou always gets a thumbs-up from me.

Also there’s this song. I don’t usually listen to Touhou stuff, but man it just gets me going.

Lastly, some Nico Touches the Wall. THE BUNGY is one of my favorites.


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Back in the Saddle

Source: Raku Ichijou from Nisekoi

After a long, extended break (our apologies!) we’re ready to get back into the swing of things. If you’ve visited in the past couple of days you’ve probably noticed some visual changes as PJ and I spruce up the blog. More anime posts and write-ups to come along with karaoke also in the works! As always, feedback and comments are appreciated.

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Thoughts! On Anime! Accel World Episode 01!

It looked a little something like this...

Filtaku and I sit down to watch anime often.  We sometimes joke about recording ourselves talking about aforementioned anime and posting it to the internet. This time we managed to get off our lazy butts and make it a reality.  Sorry for the less-than-great audio quality. We’ll have more coming later in the week.

– Kerplunk

P.S. We forgot introductions, so Filtaku is the guy that’s coughing, and I’m the guy with the somewhat deeper voice.
FUO – Accel World S01E01 Thoughts

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Amagami SS Drama CD – Kaoru Tanamachi Omake

This one flew under my radar, so apologies if you’ve already seen this already. If you haven’t and liked Kaoru’s arc, then this will be a treat for you!

Big thanks to Unlimited Translation Works for putting the audio up and subbing it!

If you’d like to download a copy of the audio or text, visit their website


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Winter 2010 Anime Season: Kerplunk’s Picks

(Edit: 01/01/11 – Updated with Winter line-up from cowboybibimbop.)

So the fall season is wrapping up this week (no more Amagami SS T.T) and we’re going heads first into the the winter line-up of anime. I’m going to pick two anime from the full list of twenty-two  (have to leave some for the other guys too, right?) that I’m anticipating and why.

Visual guide for the winter season and my picks after the jump.

Heads first!