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About Filtaku
Filtaku Universe Online is a blog about all things anime, manga, gaming, airsoft, and life.  One other interesting thing we do here at Filtaku Universe Online is  engage in creative writing, video projects, and media works.  Though this blog may be small and the number of visitors even smaller, we will try to get as much content out as possible to keep the people who do view this blog satisfied.

The Staff
– PJ (Head Administrator/Founder/Head Pineapple)

– Kerplunk (Editor-in-Chief, Lesser Pineapple; Greater Banana)

– Mai Kitsune (Contributor, Green Pineapple )
– Zerujin (Pseudo-Contributor, Micro Pineapple)

Please use the follow form for general feedback or if you’d like to be part of our Filtaku team.