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Darling in the FranXX Episode 4 – Initial Resolve

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It’s not a show without potential reverse rape

The entirety of episode 4 centers around determination and resolve.  Mainly concerning Hiro and Zero Two, but also in small part with Ichigo and the rest of her team.

It starts of with Hiro having doubts on if and should he pair up with Zero Two.  Will he turn out like the rest of her partners?  Is Zero Two is his only salvation?  Does he have the skills to actually pilot?  Is Zero Two human and will she eat me all up?  All pretty common questions you’d ask yourself given the events of the previous episode and seeing the results.  And given her body size and physique, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind getting eaten all up.  He got a nice taste of it all from episode one anyways.

But because of this, he starts to avoid Zero Two with no real reason why.  It takes a potential bath scene invasion rape by Zero Two to really bring about these questions.  She confronts him again about elopement and then turns the conversation towards her humanity.  Things starting to get questionable in which direction the scene would turn.  Until loud klaxons sound and an impending enemy attack is announced.

Switch scenes and everyone is mounted up in their FranXX on their way to engage the enemy.  All but Hiro and Zero Two.   Suited up and ready to go, they stand-by in the briefing/control room only being told to do so because of no sortie order.

Things start to get hairy for the greenhorn FranXX pilots facing off against the enemy.  When suddenly it get’s a little hairy for the two on stand-by.  An armed military escort arrives to escort our dashing Zero Two off back to the front lines per order of patriarch Papa.  One of the soldiers gets a little hands on with her and she sends him across the room.  Which then prompts the other soldiers to act in raising their laser beamed weapons at her.

Stitched image, but the lasers sure looks nice with her suit

Hiro is unsure on what to do.  His only chance of piloting a FranXX and his potential waifu is being taken away.  Enter more letterbox mode with dramatic dialogue.  She play stabs him with her horns and says her good-byes.

Confused and frustrated with himself, Hiro runs off to try and convince her to stay.  Responding to her questions she laid out for him while he was butt naked in the bath.  Yelling things out like it was his fault and not hers, mostly about his resolve and not because she was mixed blood.  Also yelling out strange things like letting him ride her and allowing his “Darling” in her “FranXX”, okay not really the last few parts, but the things that are said in the show…

Are they really around the same age?

Pleased by his declaration of love, she does some dramatic back flips and perforates some glass with a stolen assault rifle just to be with him again.  The scene continues till they successfully hijack Strelizia and join in the fray with their other pilots.

They successfully defeat the enemy in full letterbox dramatics form.  Show casing his abilities and compatibility with Zero Two and Strelizia.  Hurray Hiro!  You can finally pilot a FranXX now.

With how free-spirited and rebellious Zero Two is, it is unclear what her true motive is.  Does she really want Hiro romantically cause he sees her as a human girl or is he just a means to an end.  Maybe she’s acting like this with him because she sees him in a similar situation and wants to mutually assist their escape.

Interestingly enough, they almost make you forget that her headband horns can be taken off like accessories, as from episode 1.

Truthfully, I’m waiting to see when the dramatic tragedy stuff happens. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  On wards to episode 5!


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