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Space Bros! Episode 93 – Enter Eddie Jay

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The end of the previous episode left viewers wondering just who would captain the back-up crew of CES-62.  In this episode, it’s revealed the prospective captain is Eddie Jay, a veteran astronaut close to retirement with the highest logged hours on board the ISS (International Space Station).

Eddie Jay is the older brother of Brian Jay who died from a parachute failing to engage when returning to earth with his crew.  He was a highly respected astronaut at NASA and served as Mutta and Hibito’s astronaut role model.

Throughout the course of this episode, Chief Butler tries to persuade Eddie Jay to become captain, but Eddie initially refuses because of his old age.  The Chief then leaves photographs of a particular object left on the moon that would be of great interest to Eddie.

The photos were of an astronaut figurine left there by Brian Jay.  When Eddie and Brian were young, they bought these figurines and promised to leave them on the moon together as a vow between brothers.

This convinces Eddie to pick up the chance of going to the moon and completing his promise despite his old age.


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