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Space Bros! Episode 93 – Enter Eddie Jay

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There are two big points in episode 93.  The first involves the defunct lunar telescope proposal that NASA rejected in previous episodes. The second involves the back-up crew captain of the newly formed CES-62, the team from last episode.

The above photo shows Dr. Sharon, an astronomer, during another ‘retry’ proposal for the lunar telescope.  This time her team successfully appeals to the NASA committee.  The realistic nature of the changes prompt the committee to seriously consider the project. However, it centers around astronauts willing to take part in a task-heavy project.  Not to worry though, because our hero Nanba Mutta has promised Sharon to build the telescope since he was a child.

Dr. Sharon mentored Nanba and Hibito from childhood and facilitated their love of space.  When Sharon and the gang found out episodes previous that she now suffered from ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Nanba Mutta pushed his astronaut training as fast as he could in order to build the promised lunar telescope for his beloved mentor.

In this episode, she appears wheelchair-bound and frail compared to her previous appearances which concerns Hibito.  He doesn’t mention Dr. Sharon’s visit to Mutta because it would interfere with his current training.  It’s all still good news because the episode foreshadows the approval of the lunar telescope project, albeit details undisclosed.


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