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Shinki and Hamster 1

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I tried my hand at Busou Shinki, I figured a show about sentient figurine mecha musume shouldn’t be all that bad. It started out like Angelic Layer with the mecha combat tournament jazz  but then it dove head first into the SOL (Slice-of-life).  Don’t get me wrong though,  if your into the everyday life antics of half foot tall mecha musume figurines serving their masters and just hanging out with friends, then this would be your slice of cake.  However, to me, it would be a lot more interesting if there was active combat going on.  Well, there is the pew pew going on every now and then (which is pretty well animated, least to me) but it isn’t in that shounen sense.

With the rant aside, the most note worthy thing so far has been this hamster that no one seems to be aware of.  Sad to say that I was enjoying myself more trying to find “Waldo” than paying attention to the show.  So I’ve decided to show case this little guy every episode.  Because I’m sure he’ll randomly show up every episode and who knows, maybe we’ll uncover the mystery of the Shinki and Hamster.


Author: PJ

I am a filipino college student that enjoys watching anime, gaming, and is an airsoft enthusiast.

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