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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 2

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Mashiro Shiina, the very pet like main heroine

I knew that soft spoken, air-headed characters were a thing, but Mashiro Shiina is just too much.  Episode 2 leaves you wanting to forgive her mistakes because of that “just can’t help herself” feeling.

But like the name of the show implies, Mashiro is true to her character.  Meanwhile, Sorata Kanda is surrounded by people with talent, and questions his own aspirations in life.  He can’t really catch a break and think about it because he’s a straight man, yelling in that high-pitched scratchy voice that straight men have in common with each other (at least he doesn’t have glasses).  Someone give the guy a glass of water!  But in all seriousness, we start to see the beginings of “romantic” development between Mashiro and Sorata.  If anything, we’ve got jealousy between two girls to fall back on.

Getting crumbs all over you, the new moe~

It’s rough being the straight man. Ganbare Sorata!

More forward than she looks >_>


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I am a filipino college student that enjoys watching anime, gaming, and is an airsoft enthusiast.

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