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Go on a holiday

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Summer is right around the corner!  After a couple weeks we’d all be free and readily available to relax away from the troubles of academic life.  If you’d not currently in school or college, at least take a small break from work.  Go somewhere for one weekend and plan your own little holiday.

Which brings us to the latest FUO Karaoke release of Horie Yui’s ‘HOLIDAY’.  ‘HOLIDAY’ was an extra song in the Dragon Crisis OP ‘Immortalist’ single sung also by Horie Yui.

Karaoke and Timing by Filtaku
Lyrics provided by Arutearu

Images: Studio S.D.T,, DJ Max, Yuuki Tatsuya

Aegisub, Sony Vegas


Author: PJ

I am a filipino college student that enjoys watching anime, gaming, and is an airsoft enthusiast.

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