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Read this or Fear will curse you!

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C3 Cube x Cursed x Curious is a story about a girl named Fear Cubrick, aka Fear, who is trying to get rid of her curse of blood lust by doing and being around positive things.  She is actually a tool that has gained human form from the acts of mass murder committed by her over the ages. She was sent to a person named Haruaki Yachi in hopes to lift her curse.  While in his residence, she meets other cursed items in similar situations as her.  She battles to establish the means of her existence, attain her humanity, and resist capture by other forces for research or possession all the while discovering the life of a normal human girl, the joys of rice crackers, and love.

The background music has a nice piano accompaniment and is well established through the scenes by properly blending the mood of the music and scene.  The animation is well done by the studio’s use of elaborate hues and shades.  It gives the scenes more of a fantasy look but makes you wonder if the lights and objects are actually there in their reality.  The dialogue/scene cuts play similarly to bakemonogatari where its quick cards leave emphasis on the mood.  Being an anime adaptation of a light novel, it’s no surprise that this too, is very dialogue heavy.  Done right, it can make for excellent entertainment.  The only issue of the series was the lack of elaboration with plot details.  The series ended up introducing more new things than what the story managed to wrap up .  This can either mean a lack of direction with the story or an affirmation for a second season.  One other outstanding point of the series is Fear’s character voice actor, Yukari Tamura. She has a unique voice that is easily identifiable and quite suited to the personality of Fear.

The following are some episode screens, enjoy!


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I am a filipino college student that enjoys watching anime, gaming, and is an airsoft enthusiast.

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