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Nichijou 11: Picture Highlights

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Well a new episode of Nichijou means a new batch of pictures.  I apologize for the low picture quality of these.  By the time I noticed,  I already made a lot of snapshots…  rest assured the next group will be better.


Warning:  Some of these pictures may make absolutely no sense without watching the episode and  some may be actual spoilers.  Watch at your own risk.

Be sure to feed your land lady frequently or she'll get grumpy.

Down on your luck?

The light...

Embrace the light!

Yukko, the romantic poet...

tries to study for her finals!

An idiot's solution to get out of a test?

Hypothermia bath: The rubber ducks are key!

Use advanced techniques for maximum effectiveness!

It also doesn't hurt to fix the thermometer with a heat source

Just don't heat it for too long...

Steel Balls... are so cute

The best way to leave school...

Is via helicopter...

He made you some delicious dumplings...

Would you like to try some?

Hakase brand super glue! Huge because it's super!

It's all fun and games with super glue...

Until everyone manages to get stuck in it...

But don't worry... it's all good

It's not quite as fun with only two people...


Butter roll in your shoe locker...

It's better than a love letter.


Author: PJ

I am a filipino college student that enjoys watching anime, gaming, and is an airsoft enthusiast.

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