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Yumekui Merry: First Impressions

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English Translation: Dream Eater Merry

The premise for Dream Eater Merry is about a guy named Yumeiji Fujiwara (interesting name for those of you with an understanding of Japanese) who can tell predict a person’s dream by the aura he sees around them; however, that’s not the most interesting thing about him. Every night, he dreams of running away from a crew’s compliment of talking cats decked in pirate garb.

One day his dreams catch up to him in the daylight, and a nightmare begins. Yumeiji swears that he’s been awake the whole day, but then the leader of the nearly ridiculous pack of cats who chase him at night appears to take over Yumeiji’s body! This leader is nothing to laugh at; he pulls out his scythe and begins his attempts at reaping! (Actually, the weapon is quite fascinating; it gives off that “I’m a chainsaw” feel with its teeth on the outside, and the guillotine in the center makes it look menacing and very much inspired from nightmares.) Yumeiji runs away; in his hiding place he cuts his finger on a can and bleeds. The finger hurts from the cut; there is something wrong with this dream!

The story comes together when a girl, who resembles a butterfly in character and in grace, falls into his life. Merry Nightmare is searching for a way back into the dream world! Meanwhile other dream eaters (like the pirate cats’ boss) are doing the opposite, and attempting to force their way into reality! What will happen next? I look forward to it!

*Spoiler Thoughts* Highlight to read.

I find it interesting that a black cat pulls him into the daydream; the ability to discern dreams certainly pulls in the direction of “what is he really” especially juxtaposed against Merry-san. Yumeiji also seems to be adopted or at least taken care of by a childhood friend’s family. The question of “origin” pops into my head for the two of them; especially since Merry has no memories of where it is that she wants to return to, but refers to it as the “dream world.”

-Mai Kitsune


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