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Infinite Stratos: First Impressions

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So as a follow-up for one of my picks, here are my thoughts on Episode 1!

This series intros with a bang-whiz firefight that showcases what to expect in an IS-brand action sequence, and it’s pretty damn good.

Bullet Hell, anyone?

The backdrop of the sunset-sky of warm, muted colors really helps out to bring out the high-contrast colors of  each IS. The animation is fluid and never once did I feel that I was lost, trying to figure out what was happening. Watching this was a great way to introduce the episode, and it certainly left me wanting for more.

Now, the rest of the episode is a little slow, but understandably it’s to present characters and nail down setting, of which I don’t have a problem. But so far the characters have not been interesting at all: good-natured dense hero, female childhood friend, arrogant rich student, strict sister/sensei, group of three (count it) girls, all of which seem more like foils to the main protagonist than meaningful characters.  And that’s my fear in a nutshell for this series; great action sequences, poor story and character interaction.

It's too early for the harem!


That said, I already like IS: Infinite Stratos, and only hope it gets better as the season goes along.

Here’s to a great episode 2!


Cecilia Alcott thinks you should be honored to see this picture.



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