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A New Year, A New Banner

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Well it’s 2011! A new year full of new possibilities! But first  a change of banner! Say good bye to a santa hat doting Otoha-chan from Sky Girls and welcome the strongest Cirno-chan from Project Touhou!

Cirno is an ice fairy usually depicted as a weak, short, and stupid loli character, despite her claims of being the strongest and a genius.  So why did I choose Cirno-chan as this season’s banner character? Because she’s everyone’s favorite little ice fairy, and if she isn’t for you then you’re wrong.  Her character has made her a hit sensation in the otaku world.  I personally haven’t gotten too deep into the Touhou universe to know the history of Cirno or any other Touhou character (maybe I should).  I’ve played a a few of the later games, but that doesn’t help me much on lore if I jump straight into the middle of things and not from the beginning.  I do know that she has been branded an idiot because in the game she first appeared in, it was possible to stand directly in front of her and avoid all of her attacks.

In any case, may Cirno bring you a wonderfully cold, shivering winter this season because she certainly has where I live.  Enjoy the banner and enjoy the picture and video tidbits I’ve left for you all below.

For more information on Cirno or Project Touhou please visit the Touhou wiki:

You can click on the pictures below to view them in full view.



Author: PJ

I am a filipino college student that enjoys watching anime, gaming, and is an airsoft enthusiast.

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