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Winter 2010 Anime Season: Kerplunk’s Picks

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(Edit: 01/01/11 – Updated with Winter line-up from cowboybibimbop.)

So the fall season is wrapping up this week (no more Amagami SS T.T) and we’re going heads first into the the winter line-up of anime. I’m going to pick two anime from the full list of twenty-two  (have to leave some for the other guys too, right?) that I’m anticipating and why.

Visual guide for the winter season and my picks after the jump.


IS: Infinite Stratos


Okay, I’ll be honest. I’m not big into mecha anime. The last one I really enjoyed was Full Metal Panic and Gundam has pretty much bored me since I was 15. So even though IS is one step removed, I’m hesitant that the storyline will end up being all too familiar and the only thing left is stuff that blows up nice. Ah, who am I kidding? I live for sh*t that blows up. And speaking of explosions, I dig the exo-skeleton designs; it looks cool even if it grossly under-protects actual body parts.

Second: Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

This is what kind of anime?


This anime is more out sheer curiosity than anything else, but looking from the preview and screenshots, I feel like I can already expect the shounen-style action scenes somewhat gratuitous amounts of blood/girls. As for the protagonist, I’m much more interested in his character development and where the producers eventually take him in terms of his undead-ness. For me, I’m coming for zombies, but staying for the proceeding ridiculousness.



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