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Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku – A Review

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This is an anime about a guy who’s a lost bird come home, a girl who doesn’t remember him, but sent him letters, her sister who is absurdly genki, and the vampire people at the school who run the student council. Join us as we wait and watch for the moment in time when he gets bitten, (you know he will) and the part where he becomes a slave to his lover forever. To entertain us further, we get to watch as Iorin works our main character like a slave, threatens his memories, and battles with evil nuns with frying pans. It is a fun day at Shuchikan Gakuin. Please enjoy the festival. Or else the vampires won’t be happy.

Yes, there is a nun with a frying pan.
You are intrigued aren’t you?
I have done my part.
Your part is all that’s left.
Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku
Found at Anime Season

I’d give Fortune arterial a 3.567/5 rating! It’s not a bad rating, but it’s pretty obvious what kind of events will play out, so it doesn’t take a lot of thought to watch it. The characters are pretty interesting; they’re a bit more positive than reality, but considering that I’m still watching it, it’s a decent anime. Since the blood donor is a special guy who is way nicer than most guys you find in real life, I have to conclude that it is geared more towards girls. I don’t remember being blighted by a ridiculous number of panty shots. There are a few, though. It is an anime.

Good luck; happy watching
– Mai Kitsune


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