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Bakuman – A Review


Moritaka Mashiro, a middle-schooler disillusioned with the world is trudging through life. His dreams whisked away by the death of the role-model uncle, Mashiro settled into an uneasy contempt that a “normal life” is the only thing that is suitable for him.  But one day, Akito Takagi confronts him using a notebook he left in class with drawings in it. Takagi implores Mashiro to join with him as a duo to create a manga, but Mashiro refuses, citing the words of his uncle. Feeling desperate, Takagi hatches a plan to force Mashiro to join him. It works better than expected, but Mashiro blurts his hidden desire  and suddenly proposes to Azuki, a girl striving to become a voice actress. In the heat of the moment their dreams become one: Mashiro and Shujin agree to become mangaka together; Azuki intends to become the lead voice-actress in their anime when the manga is serialized. Only when these dreams come true will she accept Mashiro as her husband!

The shock and excitement of the decision pours over the three middle schoolers. The challenge is on! Will Mashiro and Shujin become good enough to fulfill their dreams? Will Azuki become a great voice actress? With their love on hold will Mashiro and Azuki be able to stay faithful to each other?! Find out! Watch Bakuman as the three of them chase after that elusive blue bird of happiness!

Bakuman receives a 4/5 and I’ll tell you why: this is the first sol that I don’t hate. (If it’s not a sol, shush, because I don’t want to hear it). It’s got some really well-placed high points; I’m even reading the manga because I just can’t stand to wait for the plodding weekly episode releases. The plot, while simple and fairly predictable, makes you want to root for the budding duo, and some interesting situations and characters are thrown in to keep things moving. It’s one of those epic journeys though, so hold on to your seats because it’s going to be a long ride.  All mangakas have their own unique story after all, right? Unfortunately, there aren’t any guns blasting in the background, no superpowers, no incredible hulk, no random teleporters, or magicians to spice things up. Just manga, but it’s good. ^^ I will keep following it.

Watch it here!

-Mai Kitsune

(Ed. Note: Bakuman green-lighted for second season in Fall 2011! Woo!)

(Admin Note: Woo! Hoo! Banzai!)

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  2. Oh no. You wrote this years ago. Sorry I just picked this back up and am still working on using it properly. Hope you found someone to help =/


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