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Working!!Welcome to Wagnaria!

Working!! is an anime series about a family restaurant full of entertainingly interesting characters.  The anime starts out with a short high schooler, Taneshima Poplar, on the street trying to recruit new people for her place of work, Wagnaria.  This is where our main male character, Takanashi Souta, enters the scene and gladly accepts her request on a single basis, the fact that she was cute.

Takanashi just doesn’t like cute high school girls, but also likes everything and anything else that is cute, such as puppies or even hair pins.  In the case of Poplar-chan, she was quite short for a high schooler and had the personality that would make almost anyone smile.    It wasn’t just Takanashi that had strange quirks in this series but every character had their own thing going.

Poplar-chan had a complex about how short she was and tried her very best at getting tall.  She also tries hard to  act like a proper senpai, since she is a high schooler.

Some other characters include a girl with androphobia with the strength of a gorilla, a lazy female manager with an appetite for snacks and desserts, a daughter of a famous sword smith who ‘admires’ the manager,  a manipulative guy that some how knows everyone’s secrets, and an intimidatingly looking nice guy that loves a certain daughter of a sword smith.

Working!! was derived from a 4 panel manga and the anime surely showed it by retaining the same comedic wise cracks and scenarios.  One would expect only a typical slice of life comedy from this series, but various personalities and perks that these characters have keep the days at Wagnria anything but normal.  There is a dash of romance but the circumstances behind it makes you wonder if there will be any love at all.

If you like your characters highly perked with a side of comedy then this is one anime that you would enjoy.  One thing enjoyable with this series is the character development.  As you watch the show you’ll get glimpses of the Wagnaria staff’s background and history and see why they act the way they do.

Filtaku’s Breakdown:

Character personalities and interaction.  Super human strength.  Boke/Tsukkomi comedy.  Catchy opening song.

Questionable romance.  Needs more development between love interest.

People who will like this:
People who like the lulz.

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