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B Gata H Kei

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In anime,  you often see the males as the sexual obsessed characters.  But B Gata H Kei happily provides you with an interesting change beyond that.  In this series,  you follow a popular high school girl named Yamada that dreams to have a hundred sex friends and starts off her dream by  having her virginity taken away.  As she ponders on how she would accomplish this, Yamada meets Takashi Kosuda at a book store and later finds out they are in the same class together.  She thus plans her graduation from virginity by having her way with him.  Kosuda, likewise a virgin, has no idea how to take these advances even though he likes her.  Yamada, perverted as she is, still retains her femininity and innocence by realizes that some of the things she is doing is quite embarrassing.

The series itself is pretty entertaining for a couple reasons.  One of which is the uniqueness of the show.  Instead of a guy, it is a heroine that is always trying to “get some” and is always thinking perverted thoughts.  In fact, she’s down right obsessed with it.  She’s so obsessed that she asserts herself onto Kosuda without thinking. But don’t get me wrong, this series is entirely comedy and not super ecchi pervertedness.  Anyways, This leads to another reason why B Gata H Kei is entertaining.  Through out the series, Yamada tries to appeal to Kosuda and most of the time something happens and interrupts them, interruptions like embarrassment or the usual anime interruptions.  These interruptions at critical moments are comedic and also instrumental to the development of their relationship.  Along the way you meet a few other characters of varying personalities.  There is a rival ojou-sama with a brocon complex,  a clutzy glasses wearing child hood friend that gets her advances misunderstood for a love of cooking, and a normal best friend with a normal boy friend.

All in all, if you would like to watch something different, B Gata H Kei is an interesting series to watch, especially if your the type that likes to see a relationship development.  Sure there is comedy bits and interesting scenarios, but the only thing that would make the audience stick to it would be the said character development.  Just when will they actually do it!

– side note –
Everyone’s got their own chibi sex god.

Kerplunk’s Breakdown:

Fanservice; awkward non-committal relationships. Censors. Did I mention fanservice?

Nothing special besides the switch-up in roles.

People who will like this:
Fans of prolonged sexual tension, adolescent boys, you get the idea.

Filtaku’s Breakdown:

Fanservice? sure.  Role reversal.  Chibi sex god commentary.  Support character personalities.

Do it already! Main male character without balls (gotta hate them).

People who will likey:
People who enjoy watching a series for lulz.  But people who hate repetition won’t think so highly of it.

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