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A good friend of mine, for which i call her Skye, did some comics for one of her college classes, i forgot which something about art *shrugs*, and the class majority liked them. So she showed me and i had to say that they were pretty great lol. So great that i dubbed it worthy for a posting.

The first comic is hilariously random and reminds me of a bunch of characters i know from different series.
Deviant Art Link:
Ice Cream Thief

This next image is quite interesting and relates to many many mmorpg players that require subscriptions to play their games, ie WoW.
Deviant Art Link:

WoW Life Cycle

She also did a Charcoal of her cute terrier.
Deviant Art Link:

Skye Doggie


Author: PJ

I am a filipino college student that enjoys watching anime, gaming, and is an airsoft enthusiast.

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