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With Turkey day around the corner and college finals just behind it is hard to remain stress free. The Turkey day activities of stuffing your face full of family home cooked meals and then stress binge eating due to college finals doesn’t help anything at all but increase your waist size and lower your stamina. Though beyond that, the actual festivities of greeting your family members into your warm home or visiting someone’s warm home and celebrating together is a nice thought. It sure beats eating high calorie microwaveable foods and making your brain explode from the overflow of knowledge you don’t comprehend. But then there are some of us who prefer to be alone and celebrate alone, if celebrate at all. For them, if it pleases them to do so i won’t say anything negative about it. There are those who don’t frankly care and treat Thanksgiving as merly another day like any other day on that calendar you got for free. Whatever really floats your boats up river that will get you through this time of year. I hope everyone enjoys it to the greatest or even despise it to the fullest. It is like what they say about flipping a two sided coin “If it lands on your finger, you might explode.” Of course no one really says that i just randomly made it up, but i hope everyone enjoys those holiday blues for the remainder of this month and the next.


Author: PJ

I am a filipino college student that enjoys watching anime, gaming, and is an airsoft enthusiast.

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